Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall 2010

English 202 (#1661) - Monday & Wednesday (SEC)

Blog #2 - Due October 11, 2010 by Midnight

Entry (300-350 words): Select an ad from the Internet to analyze based on the following question: What promise does the ad make? Your entry should include a picture of your ad.

Comment (50-100 words): You also need to reply to one of your classmate’s posts by further developing a point or shedding light on a new point the writer has yet to discuss. You can access all the class blogs at Don’t forget to post a link to your reply so I’ll know where to find it.

As you begin drafting your response, be sure to utilize the T.E.S.T model and consider the following questions to help develop your entry:

  1. What’s happening in the ad? How would you summarize it?
  2. In addition to the product itself, what need or desire is the ad trying to appeal to? (For instance, a Toyota ad that features a Tundra on top of a mountain peak is trying to appeal to our desire to dominate and achieve).
  3. Who is the ad’s intended audience?
  4. What claims does the ad make?
  5. What (cultural) assumptions/warrants does the ad make?
  6. What evidence can you point to in the ad that supports your claims?

English 100 (#1723) - Monday & Wednesday (SEC)

English 100 (#1724) - Tuesday & Thursday (OC)

English 100 (#1630) - Tuesday & Thursday (OC)

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